Ramming Our Way Through All Barriers
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 Health Report 2014

Welcome to Charles R. Drew K-8 Center


Mrs. Tracie Lewis, Principal            Mr. Jackson Nicholas, Assistant Principal


                         Mr. Harold Ford, Assistant Principal  

Principal's Message

I am excited to be the proud principal of Charles Drew K-8 Center for the Visual and Performing Arts.  This year we are "Grabbing Success By the Horns" as we set our expectations high to reach our goals.  Our staff and faculty are committed to educating students to become active learners and future leaders.  As we implement Language Arts Florida Standards, our focus this year is to build, accelerate, and sustain student acheivement.  I am looking forward to working hand and hand with our staff, students, parents and community partners as we accomplish our mission.

The vision of Charles R. Drew K-8 Center is to create an oasis for learning, a place where everyone is an awesome achiever.

Mission Statement
The mission of Charles R Drew K-8 Center is to recognize that each child is an individual; that all children are creative; and that all children strive to succeed. Our focus is to nurture growth, responsibility, and productivity; to embrace our diverse, multicultural population within a positive school-wide atmosphere. In doing so, we work toward an integrated curriculum that incorporates the Art forms of music, dance drama and visual arts through hands-on experience and technology. Our students will be challenged to develop and achieve academics, school spirit, self-pride and community values through their talents,
daily studies and educational accomplishments.

Ram's Motto